Media’s Madmen

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The 2016 presidential election is stirring up some controversy. The internet is buzzing – every tweet, Instagram post and Facebook status seems to be about the upcoming election. Everyone seems to have something to say, specifically about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. The Republican primaries have had a few debates already, while the Democrats are still hiding behind the curtains. Twitter has been playing a huge factor in this election.

“Most of social media is actually Democratic. If you look on Twitter, everything is bashing Donald Trump [and] Republicans. If anything, I think social media helps the Democratic party more than the Republicans,” John Reato (11) said.

Social media is drawing a fine line between two candidates in particular, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Trump is a major topic of controversy.

Trump is taking over the show, which is kind of annoying because what he says is just ridiculous and offensive. He has no political experience, and yet he’s winning all these polls. I don’t think it would be good to have a president who just slams people and acts like a mean girl in high school on Twitter,” Joule Tazbir (12) said.

On social media, many people have different views on Donald Trump.

“You either love [Donald Trump] or you hate him. There’s a lot of people that hate him,” Bradley Loden (11) said.

Bernie Sanders also has his share of the spotlight. The hashtag #feelthebern has even started to trend.

“I’m not a fan of Bernie Sanders. Everything [he] say sounds nice for young voters, but [he] appeals to minorities and lower class. If it comes down to [Donald] Trump and [Bernie] Sanders, I’m just not voting,” Tazbir said.

Having a more peaceful nation in mind, Bernie Sanders still draws some people in.

“Bernie Sanders [is] very towards the liberal side and he’s towards equal rights and that’s very much me,” Kaitlyn Seitz (11) said.

The 2016 election will be here before we know it, so will you #feelthebern or #makeamericagreatagain?

Quiver: Military

For our third deadline, we did a page that went from one spread to two spreads. I was partnered up with my friend Olive, and this page went by a lot smoother than the first. Our page was a feature page about three people who were involved in the Armed Forces. It was one of our best work.

Quiver: Fighting Until the End

Going into our second round of yearbook pages, me and my friend Olive were assigned our first spread. We did a page on the Varsity Girls Soccer team. The overall page was not hard, but gathering content for the page was stressful, especially since it was our first time working a spread. We ended up making a page we could be proud of.

LC Indians Take On Munster Mustangs

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Friday, Aug. 21, the varsity football team played against its long time rival, Munster High School. The boys were excited and ready to get back on the field after the off-season.

“Being on the field with people that you created a bond with over the summer [is] an unreal feeling that nobody [else] can feel, so that’s just awesome,” Nicholas Lucas (11) said.

The boys played a close game with the score being 20-19, Munster. Despite the outcome, a few members of the team had a successful night.

“I feel like the juniors really stepped up. [Anthony] Giles (11) had a big game, Austin [Atkins] had a big game and people on defense had a big game,” Nicholas Lucas (11) said.

Giles scored three times that night. This was the first game he played since he tore his meniscus.

“I really didn’t even believe [I scored] until after the game. Even when I was reading what I did after the game, I still didn’t believe it until I woke up the next morning. It was a surreal feeling,” Giles said.

At the end of the game, most players still felt like they had areas that they could improve on, like special teams.

“[We] need to work on special teams, [and] just get better every week,” Giles said.

They also found out that night that there were other areas that they needed to work on, things that could have affected the end result of the game.

“[We need to improve] our long snaps and everything cause one point can be a giant outcome.” Lucas said.

The next football game is at home on Friday, Aug. 28 against East Chicago Central High.